Advanced welding construction in aluminium alloy


The Client is the focal point of the service’s work, being understood as a partner for growth and mutual success...


Special devices at the client’s request can be designed according to graphic modelling to the finished elements...


Expedition of the material manufactured at the workshops with organised transport by land and sea with normal ...


The collaborations with professional engineers in the design and mechanical analysis as well as with qualified...


Weikom, Solutions to Businesses. Ideas and Tools to go far.

Weikom is a company originates from the activities carried out in the context of the agency relationship of Sandro Pavan with companies operating in several sectors. The action is carried out in support of customers in the function of address for the design, calculation, construction, checks, testing and shipment of the artifacts. On request, installation activities are also carried out in the various types of products, in particular:
SILOS: machinery and equipment entrusted to qualified workers, ensure a high level production in the construction of silos made of aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel;
MIXERS: construction of silos mixers in stainless steel and carbon steel with central cochlea in different volumes;
CARPENTRY: construction of metallic structures made of stainless steel and carbon steel in various shapes and designs;
VESSELS: construction of vessels, heat exchangers, columns, are assigned to a team of engineers and technicians qualified EWE and EWT;
HOPPERS: construction of hoppers in stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel according to the customer’s specifications completed with electrical and pneumatic parts;
PIPING: realisation of piping in aluminium alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel and special materials according to the customer’s specifications.

Our Services

Transportation & Shipping

Shipping of materials built at the workshops with organization of transport by land and sea with normal and exceptional dimensions.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation and maintenance of the products built at the workshops with delivery management, construction site personnel and vehicles.

Lifting on board

Lifting of materials built with organization of transport by land and sea with means of assistance and cranes for installations.



In the building and construction of silos, depending on the material of construction, the following design rules are followed: Carbon steel / stainless steel Steel quality S235JR (EN10025), welds MIG or TIG Steel quality 1,4301 (AISI 304) 1, 4306 (AISI304L) (EN10088), welds MIG or TIG The calculation standards, dimensioning and testing in Italy is the NTC2008 and consecutive circulars; in the European range and in some non-European countries, the EN1991-1-4, 1-3, EN1998-4, EN1993-4-1, EN1993-1-8, EN1993-1-4 (applied to stainless steel)


Designed for the mixing of powders and granular products for the food, chemical and plastic sectors, particularly suitable for the frequent replacement of products. The proposed models start at intermediate volumes increasing from 2000 litres up to decidedly relevant dimensions such as 70.000 and 90.000 litres. The vertical mixers are characterised by a compact, modern and functional design offering speed and homogeneity of mixing, easy to use and easy to clean during the moments of product changing.


The structural carpentry works, are from the beginning studied and designed in detail with two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD system interpreting the architectural projects and proposing optimal solutions from the structural and executive point of views. The use of the three-dimensional design helps to evaluate and resolve in advance any potential issues which could arise during the installation phase, thereby optimising the time during installation.


The activity has started in the performance of small structures and of simple mechanical assembly, then the activity has progressively increased in the articulation of the construction of devices on on-shore systems and subsequently has developed, thanks to significant experience, into the construction and installation of systems in the treatment of gas and in the petrochemical field, modification and revamping within sites and industrial plants.


The products are developed and completely realised by managing all the construction phases, starting from the design planned by the client and perfected with the help of graphic and parametric modelling programmes. The experience gained over the years allows us to develop and refine any type of request, moreover the service is also structured to suggest technical solutions and/or to improve aesthetic quality in order to obtain a great impact result but at the same time rationalising the costs giving the opportunity to our commercial partners to be more competitive in the final sale markets.


The gained experience is applied to the prefabrication, assembly and installation of all types of pipes, in pipelines, including compressor stations, and storage reduction and prefabrication facilities and special workshop pieces including the service for the supervision of civil and mechanical works. The welding operations are evaluated for every single application from the special steel alloys (A304, A316, Clamp, Duplex, Super Duplex) to those in the various aluminium alloys.


We are specialized in the construction and supply of: SILOS, MIXERS, CARPENTRY, VESSELS, HOPPERS and PIPING.

Via Crocette di Sotto, 1 – 37040 Gazzolo d’Arcole (VR)



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